Google Announces Timeline for Moving users to new Gmail Design

Google announced plans to roll out new Gmail design in July and eventually phase out old design. To prepare us and the organisation Google has announced additional details. Currently, the new announcement applies only to G Suite users- that is those who have paid Gmail accounts via their company or organisation. The new Gmail is an Early Adopter Program (EAP) and customers have the option to participate. Further, after the launch of the new Gmail in July 2018, G Suite will be offered specific options in their admin console.

Admins to Grant Gmail Timeline to Users for Smooth Transition

The administrators can immediately transition their users to new Gmail design. Further, the user can schedule the transition to the new Gmail design. In both instances, the user will be provided with the option to opt-out at any time. Finally, the admins can offer the users a timeline of four week period, and the users won’t have the option to transition into the new Gmail during this period. The users who have not transitioned into new Gmail after eight weeks starting from July will be automatically transitioned into new Gmail. So, the automatic transition happens in the month of September. But the users still have the option to opt-out for one month, i.e., till October. At some point in October, the option to opt-out disappears and the G Suite users are compelled to shift to the new Gmail.

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It is not clear whether the same applies to free users. Google said that it will roll out further details of the transition in July. But it clearly indicated well in advance to G Suite administrators and its users to prepare themselves for the new Gmail design.


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