Lynq Locates Friends in Remote Areas Where Cellphones fail


Lynq is the ideal companion to locate your friends or family in remote areas where cell phones fail. This long-range location tracking gadget accurately tracks friends in real-time. What’s more! The device needs no Wi-Fi, no maps, no network and even it doesn’t need any app to function. Sounds interesting right! Lynq makes use of the long-range low power radio frequencies to connect two devices. So, whenever you go for any trekking with your friends or Skeeing with your family, Lynq locates your companions in no time.

Locate Your Friends or Family in Remote Areas with Lynq

Lynq lets you connect up to 12 devices at a time, and each device can be assigned a name. Lynq works within a radius of 3miles/5km. Lynq weighs just 73 grams and can be easily hung on a cloth. The device can also be easily charged via USB and is touted to give a battery life up to 3 days. Add to that, Lynq comes with waterproof, weatherproof, and military tested durability and it is worth the money. Lynq comes with easy clip carabiner and virtually hangs to anything. The device measures the size of the palm and features just a single button and a circular screen. The screen displays the real-time location of the members of the linked group. If you wanted to locate a particular person in the group, just scroll the name and click on it.


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Then Lynq displays the exact direction and distance you need to follow to approach them. Further, there is also an option to set the safe zone or home base, and it will vibrate, rings and lights up, once the person breaks in the boundary. This feature comes in handy for young kids and Alzheimer’s patients and lets you know when they leave the boundary. Also, you can set the meetup locations for the entire group when the outing is over. Lynq is currently available in two colours: black and white. The company promises to add the third colour in the near future. The production of the devices has already started. Wanted to order one for yourself! You can then back the project and pre-order for $89 on IndieGoGo. Lynq has already raised $3 million in funding which is more than 1000 per cent funding. The company plans to shift the products into the United States in November 2018. For international backers, the shipping starts in February 2019.

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