Youtube live streams to include automatic captions and also allow creators to geotag their location

Youtube live streams to include automatic captions and also facilitates creators to geotag their location

YouTube in a bid to improve the user experience while watching live streams has announced three new features. Majority of the creators prefer to live stream their content so that the users can have a real-time experience. But due to technical glitches and other problems, the users sometimes find it difficult to understand the content delivered by the creators. Although there is a cc button where users can click on it to display captions it is not entirely accurate.

Keeping in view of the problem, Youtube has announced automatic captions feature that automatically provides English captions to the streaming content. These captions utilise the company’s latest automatic speech recognition technology (LASR) that has a minimum error rate and latency. This is powered by machine learning, and even though there might be minor errors this facilitates the creators to garner their content to a greater number of live stream audiences. This automatic captions feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks.


The second new feature that youtube adds to its arsenal is that from now on it preserves the chats and replays the chats that occurred during the live stream. The catch here is that live chat will be played besides the video and will be in sync with the video playback. This offers the users a real-time experience of watching the live stream. And finally, the creators can geo-tag their location to the live video that they are streaming from their smartphones. Hence the users will be able to view the various live streamed content in their nearby location and filter accordingly. Further, Youtube says that the creators can now tag the super chat feature to IFTTT or home gadgets.

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Youtube has been recently following stringent measures and adopting new policies that aim to crack the whip at the creators violating user guidelines. This is clearly evident in the measures it took in the case of YouTube creator Logan Paul.


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