Ticketmaster to use face-recognition to speed up event access


Ticketmaster to use face-recognition to speed up event access
Facial recognition

Ticket master, the ticket sales giant has partnered with face recognition company called Blink Identity. It wants to use facial recognition technology to speed up event access ditching the physical or digital tickets. According to the Live Nation, the parent company of Ticket master Blink has a cutting-edge facial recognition technology that allows you to associate your digital image with the ticket and can walk into the event. Blink Identity has over a decade of experience in designing, developing and deploying Biometric identification systems for the department of defence.

The Blinks system registers your image of the face as soon as you walk past its sensor. It does not mean that you need to walk slowly to be recognised by the system; you need to just go pass the sensor casually. Within a blink of a second, the system then matches the image with the database and opens the door if there is a perfect match and lets you in. So this in a way reduces the hassle to wait in long queues to get your ticket verified and saves a lot of time.


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On the flip side, some are not in agreement with the technology. Facial recognition still has issues concerned with PoCs, and that could lead some attendees may not able to enter events. The technology is not that accurate to differentiate individuals with darker skin tones. Since the technology captures the details of the individuals without their consent, it can be used to track individuals. Further, China employed the facial recognition technology in music venues and other platforms to catch the criminal suspects. Since the technology is in the budding stage it could lead to the arrests owing to the errors in the system. Also, if the hackers gain access to the database they could run away with individual identities as well as the payment methods.


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