RESPA Monitors your real-time breathing patterns and alerts you for optimal  performance 

Breathing plays a critical role in the optimal performance be it practising Yoga or participating in a competition. RESPA, the wearable sensor monitors your real-time breathing patterns and alerts you accordingly for optimal performance. RESPA is your companion and lets you stay in optimal breathing zones so that you can practice smarter and better. The sensor is very easy to use and fits in the wide range of clothing like round neck tees, shirts with a collar, sports bras and even helmets. The device features self-tuning microphone and processor, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, and barometer and it clings on to the clothing. Just press the button on the sensor and you are ready to go.

The sensor then carefully analyses the breathing pattern through the nose and mouth during a workout. The sensor then compares the breathing patterns to the ideal breathing zones preset for the person for different training. It then transmits this data wirelessly through the Bluetooth to an iOS app/Android paired to the smartphone. RESPA instructs the user with a buzz/ beep sound based on the goal set by him to either increase or decrease the rate of respiration. The users can also check the data in the app to know how whether they met the breathing zone targets during a workout.


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RESPA- Monitors Real-Time Breathing Patterns

RESPA would be launched in four models aimed to cater to the needs of varied users. 1)RESPA better yoga is ideal for yoga instructors, yoga practitioners and yoga enthusiasts. 2) RESPA Elite fitness 3.0 designed for competitive athletes that include long-distance running, rovers and tri-athletes. 3) RESPA fitness 2.0 meant for calorie-burn, casual athletes, walkers and 5krunners. 4)RESPA coach designed especially for coaches, personal trainers and physical trainers have a Bluetooth range of 400m. Using this, a coach can monitor the performance of four athletes at a time in a smartphone. Each of these four models features customised separate apps.

RESPA comes with an induced wireless Qi charger and a single charge is enough to last for 36hours. RESPA is currently a part of the IndieGoGo campaign and looking for backers to meet the production costs with a target to raise $35,0000. The pledges start from $149 and it is expected to ship by September.


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