Apple Reverts to iPhone X production owing to sluggish demand for iPhone XS, and XR

A new report by the Wall Street Journal claims Apple is set to resume iPhone X production owing to the sluggish demand for the newly released iPhone XS and iPhone XR. It is quite common to discontinue the production of earlier phone models in the wake of the release of new upgraded ones. Also, customers are always on the look to upgrade their smartphone with the latest make. But the scenario seems quite the opposite in the case of Apple. The newly released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR failed to meet the expectations of the Cupertino giant. As a result, Apple has to slow down the production of these three models owing to lesser than the expected demand for the new models.


Apple to Restore iPhone X Production

With the release of the new models, Apple has discontinued the production of iPhone X. But on the other hand, it has made an agreement for the purchase of the particular number of OLED panels from Samsung to incorporate them in the new models. But since the production of these models has been stopped, Apple is left with no other choice but to restore the production of iPhone X to compensate by using the remaining OLED screens for iPhone X.

Also, considering the similarity of two iPhone models iPhone XS or iPhone XR with the earlier iPhone X, customers are expected to elect iPhone X over the two models. Further, if you look at buying the history of the Apple customers, they opted for budget-friendly iPhone 8 rather than the cheaper iPhone XR. It is the same case with Apple’s much-awaited budget model iPhone 5C. There was a visible spike in the demand for iPhone 5C after one year following the launch.

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It is also learned that Apple is set to lower the prices of iPhone XR in Japan to boost the sales. Carriers in the country are set to lower the prices of the handsets starting from next week. It is learned the Japan customers feel that the iPhone XR is very much expensive when compared to the features. Therefore it is imperative for them to choose the affordable iPhone 8. It is still the most popular model in Japan when compared with iPhone XR, XS and XS max.

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