Amazon Leaks User Names and e-mails Addresses due to Technical Error

Today many of the Amazon customers were welcomed by an alert message from the company stating that their user names and e-mail addresses were publicly visible on the website. However, it later reassured in an e-mail clarifying the issue stemmed out due to a technical glitch and that now it has been sorted out. It created waves of panic among the customers as many of them posted the screenshots of the received the e-mail on Amazon forums.

Amazon Leaks User Names and E-mail Addresses: Details

In these messages, it clearly mentioned that the customers have done nothing for this error and it is just a technical glitch. Amazon even said to the customers there is no need to change the passwords and that the issue has been fixed. Whatever may be the case these e-mails don’t seem that reassuring. Also, there is no concrete information with regard to the type of attack and the number of user accounts that have been impacted.

One more important thing to note here is that most of the affected accounts happen to be the individual, rather than any business accounts. Since the information was publicly revealed there is a greater chance of such user accounts being subjected to Phishing attacks. Also, it could allow hackers to reset their accounts. Many of the Twitter users across Europe and America have reported the receipt of the mail from Amazon. An official statement in the matter is awaited from the company.

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