This pad-free wireless charger senses devices with low charge and powers them

This pad-free charger senses devices with low charge and powers them
                                 Pi’s wireless charger

The company Pi is working on a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices simultaneously in any direction from the same power source. The charger can at a time charge up to 4 multiple devices at a time without requiring to position them on the pad. Further, the most impressive feature of the charger is that it can detect devices with low power and align magnetic field according to the position of the device.

The new device applies to a few phones and the products in the U.S, but the team is planning to expand the applications of the charger in the coming five years. Mc Donald and Lixin Shi were the co-founders of the company Pi. They met long back in 2014 when they enrolled themselves as participants of MIT Sloan’s New Enterprise course. The duo worked on wireless power project at the time as part of classroom competition. Although they didn’t win the award, they were able to grab the people’s choice award. It was the impetus that they need to venture something new and obviously led to the birth of Pi in the summer of 2015. They successfully raised $11 million and now looks to expand the larger team to support new projects with companies in automobile and medical implant industries.


The birth of the wireless charger

The team observed that many companies are producing the charger specifically suitable for a single phone model. The chargers are being shifted as a single accessory rather than a separate product. McDonald and his team wanted to change that and wanted to develop a charger that charges multiple devices at a time. This led to the birth of Pi’s wireless charger after three years of continuous efforts and challenges. At the time of making the prototype, Apple made the announcement that is bringing the wireless charger that that supports multiple devices with the Qi technology.

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So, Pi developed a prototype charger that is based on a different standard called Airfuel, which is thought of as a successor to the Apple’s Qi technology. The prototype charger also meets the Federal communication commission safety guidelines for magnetic fields.


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