Google Chrome bug resurfaces that tricks users to pay amount for a fix


Google Chrome bug resurfaces that tricks users to pay amount for a fix
Google Chrome

Google chrome has been suffering from a bug that tricks users to pay the amount to get it cleared, but in reality, the problem never exists. The bug initially surfaced in chrome in the month of February. However, the chrome has successfully fixed the bug via an update in chrome 65. But the bug was reportedly found in chrome update 67. Mozilla Firefox also found to be the victim of this bug, but it did not initiate any action in this regard. It seems Microsoft Edge browser and Apple Safari are unaffected by the bug.

How to check whether you are infected?

If you are suffering from the bug, then you will be shown a fake message as an error. They the browser forces you to save a file to the disk again and again until it crashes. The whole situation creates a sense of panic among the user. Everything happens within 10 seconds and you will be displayed a warning with a telephone number that promises offer the solution to your problem. If you proceed with the calling, then you be redirected to scammers who impersonate themselves as Microsoft or other software employees. They then try to gather your bank details claiming to fix the problem. The scams are often transmitted through the malicious adverts or legitimate sites that have been hacked. A Google

representative has acknowledged the issue and said that they are trying to fix it as soon as possible.

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How do you tackle the bug?

First and foremost thing you need to do when you encounter the bug is to ignore the phone number displayed in the message. If the browser crashes you can simply force it to close down. If you are Windows user, click Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination and close the browser in the Windows task manager. Mac users can force to close the browser using the shortcut Command+Alt+ Esc. The issue is majorly the U.S focussed right now, with the contact number being American. But it may not take much time before other versions appear. So be Wary!


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