Facebook Video AD Breaks now launching in 21 countries

Facebook video Ad breaks, where the ads are played pre-roll and post-roll in the videos are now being launched in 21 countries. Last month Facebook announced in this regard and limited this feature to only five countries. The countries in question include the United States, United Kingdom, Newzealand, Australia, and Ireland. Maria Smith, Facebook’s director for the news feed and media, elaborated the complete details of the new feature:

Facebook Video Ad Breaks: Complete Details

Facebook found that the ads work best with the long videos and hence the minimum length of the videos was set to 3 minutes. Also, it becomes critically important that the ads do not interfere with the flow of the video streaming. Facebook has made necessary improvements in this regard and hence the ads only appear at a certain length of the video (best moments) so that it appears natural to the viewer.


Also, Facebook has set certain criteria that the pages must meet before they can adopt the Facebook ads break program. The pages must have a minimum of 10,000 followers. Furthermore, the videos of the page must have received 30,000 one minute views for videos of a minimum length of one minute. The Facebook Ad breaks sign up page automatically lets creators know whether they are eligible for the program. So, by implementing such stringent measures, Facebook expects a very positive experience for creators, advertisers, and users.

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New countries that are set to have Facebook Video Ads Break:

Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Columbia, EI Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Thailand. Also, Facebook is adding support for five new languages as part of the extension. They include Spanish, Portugal, French, German and Thai. Further, Smith explained that the new feature would be rolled out in a phased manner.

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