Casio’s Pro Trek WSD F-30 Smartwatch Gives 30 Days Battery Life with New Extend Mode

Casio has unveiled a new Pro Trek WSD F-30 ultra-rugged design smartwatch as part of its outdoor watch series with less bulky and longer battery life. The Casio Pro Trek WSD- F30 smartwatch runs on Google wear OS and was unveiled at IFA Berlin tech conference The new model WSD F-30 is 3.9 mm narrower and has 0.4mm thinner than its predecessor WSD F-20 which was launched in 2016. In the new smartwatch, there have been enhancements in the display features, battery life, and outdoor app capabilities.

Casio's Pro Trek WSD F-30 smartwatch gives 30 days battery life
Casio’s Pro Trek WSD F-30 smartwatch

Casio has faced severe criticism in the past owing to the lower battery life. It has inducted a new feature called the “Extend mode” that prolongs the battery life of the smartwatch from a day and a half up to three days. The new “Extend mode” also limits access to offline maps thereby enhancing battery life. Now it can go up to 30 days on a single charge with the use of time and sensor data. This is made possible by activating the Multi-time piece mode, by switching off the smartphone connection, colour display, and GPS and relying only on the monochrome screen. Like other outdoor watches, it displays sensor data such as atmospheric pressure and altitude.  The new smartwatch aimed specifically for outdoor adventures comes in three colour variants black, blue and orange.

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The new Casio pro trek WSD- F30 smartwatch also boasts of inbuilt apps such as Hole 19, a golf app, Equilab, fish brain, My Swim Pro, Zombies, Exercise time and so on. The new WSD F-30 also comes in the ultra-rugged design and can survive extreme shocks, drops or whatever the hard obstacles it comes across it. Apart from it the smartwatch sports a 1.2-inch dual-layer display that comes with a monochrome display and colour OLED (390X390) pixels screen. The connectivity features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it also comes with wireless charging. Also, the Pro Trek WSD F-30 smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and temperature resistant up to -10 degrees Celsius. The new smartwatch is expected to be available somewhere at the end of 2018 to the start of 2019.


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