AMD Silently Launched Radeon Pro V340-Dual Vega 10 GPU with 32GB HBM2


AMD has quietly launched  Radeon Pro V340 which is touted to be the first few AMD cards with dual Vega Multi-GPU solution with 32GB HBM2 memory. The graphics card was launched at a press event held in China. The event is hosted by Nick Pandher, the Director of Market Development Professional Graphics at AMD. However, it is not a 7nm chip, that made its appearance at Computex 2018 event in Taiwan. Radeon Pro V340 would be the first AMD cards to come with 32GB HBM2 memory and is a combination of two Vega units running in parallel.


The new graphics card would be handy for cloud providers and offers them with increased resources flexibility. The card also allows multiple users to use the resources at a time. The Graphics card offers virtualisation solution to an astonishing 32 users at a time. Also, the card has hardware support for HEVC or H265 hardware along with H.264 codec. The Graphics card also features an added security processor that isolates virtual content offered by the cloud provides. So, this makes the product data secure and the cloud provides can no longer access the user-generated content that runs in the virtualized environment.

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Another critical aspect is that the Radeon SSG family gets native support for Adobe CC. Almost everyone in the professional video industry uses NVIDIA GPUs based on CUDA tools. This is the first step that the company has been trying to enter into a closed down ecosystem of the professional video world. The new Graphics card has a plethora of applications and will be handy for manufacturing and oil plants for accurate visualisation of large-scale equipment.



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