8 Daily Activities That Can Seriously Damage Your Spine

It is important that you take care of your spine at all ages. One of the most important things to do in this respect is to avoid certain activities.

Here’s a list of 8 daily activities that seriously damage your spine:

1. Tying Shoe Laces

Anything that you do in a bent posture can harm the intervertebral discs. Nutritional substances tend to leave the spine on exposure to constant pressure and it flattens. You may experience pressing and thrusting pains. A quick and consistent supply of crucial elements is only possible when your body feels comfortable. You must keep tabs on sensations in backs during the day. So make sure you tie your shoelace when seated. Keep your leg pulled up. Most specialists in spine centers recommend patients to avoid crouching on the floor. Do not tie laces while standing or bending over.

2. Brushing Teeth

The pressure on the spine is more when you stand that while walking. Try to lean on the sink or wall freehand while brushing your teeth to avoid direct pressure on the spine. This is important to keep your spine in a healthy state.


3. Getting Heavy Objects from a Height

Reaching up for something is when you stretch your spine. The weight of the object collapses on spinal discs. Although it may not harm instantly, regular activity can deteriorate the discs. When take heavy objects from above, always use a chair. This will reduce the pressure on discs to a minimum. Also, make sure the weight of the object is at chest level.

4. Washing

The activity demands you to stand in a half-bent position. The arms are strained which affects intervertebral discs (thoracic section) making them wear out earlier. This may also result in pain between the shoulder blades. You can avoid it by placing a chair or a stool under your knee while washing. This position is quite helpful in reducing pressure.

5. Love for Backpack

Backpacks are in fashion. These are so convenient to carry. Most people tend to stuff it full and carry it in a way to put pressure on the spine. Make sure you use both straps of your backpack. It helps distribute the load evenly. Always invest in backpacks with wide and cushioned straps. These provide better shock absorption. Softer straps reduce the pressure on the neck and spine.

6. Washing Floor

Even if you wash floor only once in a week, the process of cleaning can brutally torture the spine. The task keeps your legs and back strained. You should not wash the floor with your hands using a mop cloth. The best thing to do is to use a mop or a brush. This will place less pressure on your spine.

7. Car Wheel Change

Most car owners do not like this task as it is arduous and give a tough time to the spine. Most people tend to experience pain in the back after changing the car wheel. In most cases, the pain lingers on for the rest of the day. The best thing to do is to avoid bending over to the wheel. You can sit firmly on the ground next to undertake this task instead.

8. Carrying Shopping Bags

Shopping is fun but carrying bags isn’t. Make sure you do not place all of the items in one bag. Buying a second bag for a few extra pennies can save your spine from experiencing extra pressure. Keep your knees bent while lifting objects. You should carry bags only with their weight evenly spread in both hands.


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