Expert: Top 10 must-follow precautions to avoid sunstroke in Summer

Expert: Top 10 must-follow precautions to beat heat waves in Summer

Winter season has ended, and it is now the beginning of summer season. However, even in the initial stages, we have seen temperatures soaring above 38 ℃and approaching 40℃. This rings alarm bells and offers us an insight into what to expect in peak summer season. Even Indian metrological department h as issued warnings about the heat wave like conditions in major parts of India. The summer is going to be much hotter than earlier, and the weather office stated that there would be a minimum rise of 1 degree or above the minimum temperatures. So, it becomes critical to follow certain precautions during the summer season to beat the heat waves and avoid heat-related illness such as sunstroke, exhaustion and dehydration.


Precautions to be followed:

1) Stay indoors as much as possible and in particular during 10 a.m to 4 p.m. It is the period when the temperature is at extreme levels. If compelled to go out, wear loose, light-colored absorbable (cotton) clothing and avoid dark colours since they absorb heat.

2) Also, apply sunscreen lotions with an SPF (sun protection factor) of minimum 15 all over the body. Further, make sure to carry an umbrella and a bottle of water along with you every time.

3) Extremes of ages (less than five years and more than 50) strictly indoor in the daytime.

4) Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water (3 to 4 liters a day) and oral rehydration liquids at infrequent intervals.

5) Avoid taking alcoholic beverages with the exception of less than 5%w/v alcohol solutions (alcohol induces diuresis and hence cause dehydration)

6) People with jobs that involve frequent traveling are advised to take regular breaks in the shade and make sure to stay hydrated all the time.

7) Another critical factor to consider is the clothing, take proper care to wear cotton clothes. Also, make sure to change your clothes and in particular inner wears as to avoid any infections.

8) During the summer season, our body urges to have chilled water or beverages, but avoid drinking them. As an alternative, you can drink water from a pot covered with a wet towel.

9) It is better to stay away from spicy food as it takes more time for your body to digest. Apart from that, it increases our cravings to drink chilled beverages.

10) People who take medications causing diuresis (increase urine output) and anticholinergic effect (decreased sweating) must avoid going out during 10 a.m to 4 p.m.

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