Mobile Internet is faster than Wi-Fi hotspots in 33 countries: Open Signal

In the latest research by Open Signal, it was found that mobile internet is faster than Wi-Fi hotspots in 33 countries. It is generally believed that Wi-Fi connections outpace mobile devices in terms of Internet speeds. But the scenario seems quite contrary! In a new survey carried by Open Signal, a networking firm related to wireless network mapping, the results prove to be shocking. The mobile networks seem to outpace Wi-Fi connections in 33 countries. The survey was conducted across African, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern nations. Out of the 33 countries, the majority of them have equal mobile internet and Wi-Fi speeds.


Mobile Internet is faster than Wi-Fi Hotspots: Open Signal

But in countries like Australia and France, the difference is far more obvious. Like for instance, in Australia, cellular speed is found to be 13MB faster than Wi-Fi. The difference is substantial in the case of a country like France, where it is only 2MB. On the other side, countries like America, Hongkong, Singapore and SouthKorea are on the expected lines where Wi-Fi speed outpaced the cellular speed. In America, the Wi-Fi speed is 25 times faster than the mobile Internet. It can be attributed to their faster home broadband connections.Mobile Internet faster than Wi-Fi hot spots in 33 countries: Open Signal

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In countries like Lebanon, LTE offers a clear edge over Wi-Fi in terms of download speeds. It is found with LTE, the download speeds are 25 times faster when compared to Wi-Fi. These findings suggest that smartphone makers need to rethink and make devices accordingly. Currently, a majority of the smartphones switch to Wi-Fi over mobile data of the assumption that Wi-Fi offers more data speed. Only Huawei switches to cellular data in case of slower Wi-Fi connections. Also, with the emergence of 5G on the verge, it is the time smartphone makers need to rethink their strategy accordingly.


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