BSNL Balance Check; How to do BSNL Balance Enquiry, Validity Check, Net Balance and More

The state-run telecom operator BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has a good share of subscribers in the rural sector. Each telecom operator offers a set of unique USSD codes and the same is the case here as there is a list of unique BSNL USSD codes.  They come in handy to do a BSNL balance check, validity check, net balance, BSNL balance check number, and more. If you want to know how to check BSNL balance, data, and validity, then you are in the right place. These USSD codes of BSNL not only lets customers know the requisite details but also helps in availing certain services. In this article, you can find a comprehensive list of USSD codes to get the required information you are looking for! First, we will explore ways to check BSNL balance.

How to do Check BSNL Balance?

There are multiple means to check BSNL balance. The easiest way is to check using the BSNL balance check code as provided by the operator. Follow the steps below to check BSNL balance:

  • Open the dial pad on your mobile/smartphone
  • Type in the USSD code *123# or *124# 
  • You would receive a text message on your phone with complete details like the BSNL balance.

Besides USSD codes, there are multiple available options where one can check BSNL balance:

Check BSNL Balance Through Official Website

You can do BSNL balance enquiry online by visiting the official portal. For this follow the steps below: 

  • Go to BSNL quick recharge option on the website
  • Enter your registered BSNL mobile number
  • Then enter your email address and click submit
  • Select Recharge option and click check balance
  • Enter the mobile number for which you want to check the balance

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Know BSNL Balance Through Text Message

The state-run telecom operator also offers a set of SMS codes to check balance via text message. BSNL does not incur any charges and is free of cost. 

To get the BSNL balance, type in BAL and send it to 123.

To check STV balance, type “STVENQ” and send it to 123

How to Know BSNL Balance, Net balance, and More Using My BSNL App?

Android users can make use of the My BSNL App to get complete details related to the BSNL number. The app provides all the complete information about the BSNL online. One can check BSNL balance, BSNL data balance, BSNL validity, recharge history, exclusive offers, and more. Go through the below step by step guide to using My BSNL app.

  • Download My BSNL app from Google Play
  • Login using your registered BSNL mobile number and OTP
  • Under My BSNL category, click on Prepaid balance
  • Click on your account to get various details like balance, validity, recharge history, exclusive offers, and more.

How to Check Bsnl Net Balance?

Having a data balance is important for enjoying uninterrupted browsing. So, one needs to keep a check on data balance all the time so that they never run out of data limit or data pack. One of the easiest means to check BSNL net balance is by using the USSD code provided by the operator. 

  • To check the data balance, open the messaging app on the phone
  • Type in BAL and send it to 121
  • You will then receive complete information on your phone screen displaying the internet balance, data usage, validity, and so on.

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BSNL USSD Codes to check BSNL balance, Validity, SMS balance, video call balance, and more.

Function USSD Code
BSNL Balance Ussd codes *123#
BSNL Net Balance (GPRS Balance USSD) *124#
BSNL Net Balance Data 2G *123*6# or *123*10#
BSNL Net Balance Data 3G *112#
BSNL SMS Balance USSD codes *123*1# or *123*5# or *125#
BSNL Night GPRS Balance USSD codes *123*8#
BSNL GPRS Data Plan *123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6#
BSNL National SMS Balance USSD codes *123*2#
BSNL Last Call Charge Detail *102#
BSNL Net Balance Enquiry *234#
BSNL Video Call Balance USSD codes *124*10#
BSNL Number Check 164 or *8888#
BSNL FnF Number Enquiry *124#
BSNL Video Call Balance USSD codes *123*9#
BSNL Validity Check *123#
BSNL Video Call Balance USSD codes *123*9#
BSNL Minutes Balance USSD codes *123*2#
BSNL Network Call Check *123*5# or *123*6#
BSNL FRC on net Balance USSD codes *123*4#
BSNL Voice Pack Info *126#

BSNL SMS self-care keywords also come in handy when it comes to checking various details. You can simply text message a keyword to BSNL customer care and get all the relevant details.


Function USSD Codes
BSNL FnF View Check Code To 123
BSNL FnF Modify Check Code To 123
BSNL FnF ADD Check Code To 123
BSNL Scratch Card Recharge Check Code To 123
BSNL Third Party Recharge Check Code To 123
BSNL Balance Enquiry Check Code To 123
BSNL Current Tariff Plan Check Code To 123
BSNL Bundle Subscription Check Code To 123
BSNL Last 5 Calls Details Check Code To 123
BSNL Bundle List Check Code To 123
BSNL Modify Tariff Plan Check Code To 123
BSNL Bundle Enquiry Code To 123
BSNL Modify Language Check Code To 123
BSNL Help Message To 123
BSNL List Tariff Plan Check Code To 123


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